About us

Don’t fit into the style, we fit the style on you… Faspiration is a contemporary fashion brand designed exclusively for today’s woman who is both modest and stylish. Born in the heart of cosmopolitan Dubai, Faspiration reflects the values of the city and the women who adorn it. A blend of confidence and modesty, of fashion and tradition, Faspiration lets you be expressive yet remain elegant and reserved. To help uphold these values, we endeavor to provide women a variety of stylistic choices. These include the luxurious haute couture collection, a bespoke made-to-measure line, prêt-à-porter, and an elegant selection of headscarves. It’s a sophisticated range of styles that echo the diversity of our clientele. Faspiration was conceptualized by Dr. Tabassum Khan, who advocates diversity, which reflects in his expansive range of interests from medicine to music. His firm belief in the empowerment of women led to the formation of Faspiration, where he has teamed up with a creative team led by Tara K. Faspiration is all about leveraging the trend for modest fashion into an expression of freedom and womanhood.

An inspired vision

Our name, Faspiration expresses our vision – the coming together of fashion and inspiration. We aim to be recognized as an inspiring and global modest fashion brand; embraced by today’s modest woman who aspires for luxuriously crafted and covetable ready-to-wear and haute couture collections. Our mission is to highlight the shared positive attributes of women all over the world, inspire women to be extraordinary, and empower them with the freedom to express themselves.
Faspiration - About